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Nature from above

Which animals can fly and how they do it? According to which type of physical laws? Games, didactic activities and workshops will be organized during this day. With the " Volo Libero " association, demonstration and test flights from Mount San Simeone.


A very closely world

The workshop teaches macro photography, nature seen from a “very closely” perspective, in order to catch spectacular details and to open a window onto a largely unknown world. The course will be divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical, inside our greenhouses.

The Butterflies Night

In tropical forests, at night, begin the surprises: unusual animals, mysterious sounds, strange smells. With the help of a flashlight and a specialized guide, we will explore our greenhouses in the dark. Then, outside, we will observe the native moths and listen to their stories.

A “tasty” walk

A naturalistic gastronomic excursion

An excursion to lose yourself in the natural world using all your senses: sight, hearing, touch , smell and taste. Along the way there will be "culinary stations" where you can taste typical products.

I sleep with butterflies

(night at the museum)

Play around the campfire among forest animals and stories about nature. Then inside the greenhouses and finally everyone in their own sleeping bags. One night in a special museum, an unforgettable experience for young explorers, with a little bit of fear and fascination.

Hoot-hoot! There’s an owl

During the night the forest is filled with life. A night walk around Bordano to know who lives at night. At the end, a plate of pasta for all the participants, talking about the animals we encountered.